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Blackbird 2019 Reunion
Registration Order Form

Last day for online signups is Thursday, June 6.

How-To Guide

Acrobat Reader

(free download)
Starting in 2011, the Blackbird Reunion will begin using an electronic registration and payment system. Mail-in forms included with the last newsletter will still be available for registration.

Click here to download a how-to guide, complete with screen shots that will guide you thru each step of the process.

You will need Adobe Acrobat reader, a free program available for download at

ONLY BLACKBIRD ASSOCIATION MEMBERS CAN SIGN UP THEMSELVES AND THEIR GUESTS FOR THE REUNION. IF YOU ARE NOT A REGISTERED MEMBER, YOUR REGISTRATION WILL BE REJECTED. If you are not a member of the Blackbird Association but believe that you qualify to join, click here to submit an application for membership.

The three reunion packages and their prices per person are listed below (the Golf Tournament is a separate add-on item). This is just a worksheet; the actual form is at the bottom of the page. See the How-To Guide if you're not sure:

RBH Reception, Banquet, and Hospitality Suite ("The Works") $150 x ___ persons = $ ______
- - OR - -
RH Reception and Hospitality Suite ONLY (you DON'T want to go to the banquet) $95 x ___ persons = $ ______
- - OR - -
BH Saturday night Banquet and Hospitality Suite (you'll be here Saturday ONLY)
$100 x ___ persons = $ ______
- - OR - -
HO Hospitality Suite ONLY (you DON'T want to go to the banquet nor the reception) $50 x ___ persons = $ ______
- PLUS -
GOLF Golf Tournament (additional to above options) $64 x ___ persons = $ ____


The nametag block will be used to have your individual nametags ready for you at the reunion.
Unfortunately, there is only room in the nametag block for 59 characters, which should accommodate most couples attending. For example you would type in "Bob/Jane Hoover" if you want one nametag to read Jane Hoover and the other one Bob Hoover.

However, if you have more people attending as your guests than can fit in the block, here is what to do. Add as many names that will fit and click on the Add to Cart button. Then when you get to the Shopping Cart, change the Quantity to the number of people you added. Then click on the Continue Shopping button, which will take you back to the web site to add more nametag names for whatever reunion options you choose. Again, change the Quantity to the number of people listed.

If you and your guests have different menu choices for the banquet, please order them individually.  For example, if you want the filet but your three guests want chicken, order one banquet with the filet option, and 3 banquets with the chicken option.

When finished, BE SURE to review the Shopping Cart to ensure you have the correct reunion options and name tags listed.

After you've finished, you will have to book your room(s) at the Nugget separately.
You can register on line here:

...or call 1-800-648-1177 to get the Blackbird Association preferred rate (be sure to mention the Blackbird Reunion room discount code GBR19.

Online registration is now closed.

Blackbird Association members can still pay in person at the registration desk.