Saving Money - by Rich Graham

David Allison has kindly offered to publish future Blackbird Association newsletters on his web site.  You can visit the Blackbird Association Member's Page he developed and view the January 2003 newsletter by going to  Click on the link to view the newsletter.  We plan on putting past issues of the newsletter on the web page as well.

Unless someone wants to volunteer to make the access to the web site secure, which takes a lot of time and continual updating, we will start out with the site being unsecured. If we find a future need to make it secure, such as signing up for the Blackbird Reunion, and have a volunteer, we can always do that.

On the introduction members page you will also find a link that says, "Electronic Newsletter Only." If you click this you will be directed to an email that you can send to Rich Graham (I will be glad to do it if Jack doesn't have the time) and subscribe to electronic newsletters. You will not receive a newsletter in the mail if you elect this option. Once the newsletter is published on the web site you will receive an email informing you it is ready for viewing and printing on the Blackbird Association Member's Page.

We are hoping this will save us a substantial cost of printing and mailing each newsletter to our 1,500 members. First class postage alone on our last mailing cost us $555.

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last modified December 8, 2003